Friday, July 12

ufora lipmatte, a brand on par with its international counterparts


Matte lipsticks are smooth and sultry and offer the long-lasting, smudge-proof and waterproof colour that is often impossible with classic lipsticks. Matte lipsticks are also well-known for being not-user-friendly.

However, with the newly launched Ufora Lipmatte, it is bound to help lipsticks’ users embrace matte lipsticks.

In collaboration with Kilafairy, whose real name is Syakila Nisa Jahangir Khan, said that she is not a person who looks brand.

“I am drawn to Ufora Lipmatte because of its superb quality.

“I am proud to collaborate with Ufora because this is a locally made product. What’s more, its quality is equal to other international brands,” said the actress.

At the same time, Kilafairy has announced her partnership with Ufora’s founder, Supia Saupi, to help Malaysians affected by the Covid-19 pandemic through selling Ufora.

“We are inviting all to join hand in starting a business without the need for capital.

“This offer is open to everyone, regardless of gender. This is a chance for those who wanted to start their own business but do not have the capitals to do so,” Kila added.

According to Kila, this initiative started because they sympathise with individuals who were laid off from their jobs and affected.

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