Friday, July 12

post-pandemic marketing strategies that can be adopted with long-term benefits


As the world struggles to recover from the ill-effects of Covid-19 pandemic, it is important to take into account how the digital marketing realm is going to shift and how to retain the already existing consumers. We are going to look at a few ways of how digital marketing can be sustainable post-pandemic.

  1. Focus on existing customers. If you are struggling to bring in new customers, try focusing more on the ones you already have or who are still with you despite the economic downturn. In addition to creating services and ad campaigns to target their new needs, you may also want to issue refunds to clients who had prepaid memberships or were on auto-pay during the lockdown period. While this could hurt your cash flow for the short term, the money you give back will most likely come back to you tenfold when the economy restabilises and your now loyal customers are ready to start buying again.
  1. Start going online. With lockdown, there would be a restriction in movement, so a shift to the virtual world is a must during times like this. Scott Jones, the CEO of 123InternetGroup told Forbes that they have seen a spike in companies who want to create or update websites, create new social media campaigns focused on home-based workers, and focus more on eCommerce trends and channels. Increase your presence online, that way you are able to do so much more.
  1. Invest in ads. It is high time to invest in online ads such as Facebook ads. As more people are spending their time at home and on social media, the ROI on ads in many industries have risen sky-high. It is a good way to tell people that your business is still well and you are aiming to be part of the ‘new normal’.
  1. Have more deals and offers. As businesses across the globe are starting to re-open, a good way to attract people back to your business is by having promotions and deals. You can announce or even advertise these offers on social media platforms as well as promotional emails. These kinds of offers will help bring in new customers while also getting old ones interested in coming back. This idea can work for multiple industries but it works particularly well for industries that have been hit hard by the coronavirus—restaurants and travel, for example.
  1. Give your communication strategy an overhaul. As people’s priorities and schedules change, the previous communication strategy you had in action may not be right. It would be wise to rethink the newsletters you are sending out, the content you are creating, and the general approach you have towards your customers. It could be a good time to do an email survey to get to know about consumers’ current priorities and desires. Make it easy-to-answer questions.

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