Friday, July 12

Intelligent Knowledgeable Original Negotiator

  • IKON Magazine Malaysia brings unique iconic personalities’ stories for readers.
  • IKON Stands for Intelligence Knowledgeable Original Negotiators, these are qualities that any person needs to succeed in any field today.
  • It is an English language quarterly publication that highlights excellence of Malaysian heroes, corporations, personalities and SMEs.
  • IKON brings stories of triumph of people from all walks of Malaysian life, from the heroic firefighter to the multi millionaire business person.
  • IKON Magazine will hold a yearly award which will recognise 10 iconic persons and IKON
  • The IKON will receive an award, gifts, a full cover story and publicity to be decided.

A Magazine provides :

  • Engagement: The emotional bond between a magazine and its readership is unique and irreplaceable.
  • Focus: Readers are less distracted and more focused as unlike the web reading print requires full attention.
  • Trust: It develops a strong relationship with the community it serves.
  • Value: Magazine has been proven to enhance the value of a brand.
  • Brand extension: It generates hard-earned loyalty of long-time readers.