Friday, July 12

How Business Entrepreneurs Can Give Back To Mother Nature

As the years go by, Mother Nature has taken a lot of damage. Global warming, plastic flooding the seas, deforestation: these are just a few of the disasters that plague the planet. While there are government bodies and communities that are taking the right steps to save the earth, business entrepreneurs can also do their part in this effort. These are some of the ways that business entrepreneurs can give back to Mother Nature.

Invest in eco-friendly NGOs

Investing in the right causes will give businesses a lot of rewards. What could be a better cause than to preserve and conserve the environment? For entrepreneurs, they could choose any non-profit organization, and invest in what they are fighting for. In Malaysia, there are plenty of NGOs that endorse eco-friendly ideas like Free Tree Society, an NGO that aims to make Kuala Lumpur greener and freely gives away seeds for people to plant trees, and also Reef Check Malaysia, an NGO that safeguards, mends and rescues the coral reefs in the country.  Business entrepreneurs could do their part by investing in these NGOs and provide funding for a better future of the earth.

Go paperless

When less paper is used, less trees will be cut down. In recent years, a lot of organizations have taken this step seriously and with the advancement of digital technology, many companies have resorted to invest in gadgets instead.  Entrepreneurs could employ rules that would warn their staff to not print documents unnecessarily, and review documents through personal devices instead. Not only will there be less need to clear stacked up documents over the years, Mother Nature will also appreciate the effort to save the trees!

Supply filtered water

Water is essential to all living things. Although animals in the wild find water sources to drink, that is not the case for people. In cities, people would need to buy water if they want to drink them, and surprise, surprise, water always comes packed in a plastic bottle. As of now, the world is already saturated with plastics of all kinds, but if office goers continue to purchase bottled water for their daily intake, wouldn’t that just add more plastic to the earth? Hence, what business entrepreneurs could do as employers would be to supply filtered water systems for their employees. They could give out water coolers to organizations other than their own and let people bring their own cups or bottles whenever they need a drink.  By doing this, entrepreneurs can help reduce the wastage of plastic and even encourage a healthier lifestyle of drinking more fresh water.



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