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habib’s diamond fest celebrates the everlasting appeal of diamonds and the extraordinary qualities of womankind


Diamond Fest is one of Habib’s most awaited campaigns of the year. At Habib, we are committed to ensure that Diamond Fest goes beyond its aim of commemorating and celebrating the beauty of diamonds. Our passion is to inspire and educate the community to appreciate the marvel of diamonds.

Each diamond is unique – no two diamonds are the same and that makes it special. Just like the dazzling gemstone that is created through the pressures of the earth and often buried at depths of up to 800km underground, women also face the similar which regardless of the circumstances they have to endure will always rise above it all and emerge as heroine of her own legend. Indeed, every woman we know in our lives whether it’s our mother, sister, friend, relative, spouse or colleague, are true gems, and when women power is honored, diamond jewelry adds a special sparkle to the celebration.


This year, our designers wanted to take a soft feminine approach to the hardest gemstone in the world and unify the two contrasting elements. Therefore, they came up with a collection inspired by florals. It includes an array of floral diamond jewelry pieces encrusted in diamonds. Flowers that we used for inspiration includes the Bunga Jenjarum (Ixora), Bunga Melur (Jasmine), and Bunga Mawar among others.

The collection below is inspired by the flower known as “Bunga Jenjarum”. It has 4 distinctive pointed petals and are widely found in Malaysia. Most of you would be able
to recall your childhood from when you tasted the nectar of this flower and it creates the sense of familiarity.


Photos of Ixora Designs

The collection below is inspired by the flower known as “Bunga Melur”. Each flower has between four and nine petals. The flower gives out a sweet fragrance.


Photos of Jasmines Designs

Bright and beautiful, they never fail to leave a little sparkle wherever they go. A rare gift from God, their beauty never fades. Needless to say, buying a piece of diamond jewelry is no longer considered an extravagance because of the emotional value attached to it that is intimately eternal.

At HABIB, its diamond jewelry meets the highest standards and quality, making each piece shimmer and shine endlessly, and sparkle brilliantly like new for many, many years to come. Afterall, HABIB is the first local jeweler to celebrate the beauty of diamonds for more than 30 years in Malaysia through the Diamond Festival.

Among the highlights of the Diamond Festival include an array of diamond jewelry pieces encrusted with diamonds in the most spectacular designs as they are inspired by flowers. Expect to see the Rose, Dahlia, Hibiscus, Jungle Geranium and Spanish Cherry (Bunga Tanjung) in all their dazzling glory.

These blooming bling would make perfect gifts for parents, friends and lovers since
flowers are the universal symbol of love and affection. Unlike the real thing that will
wilt over time, these glorious gems will remain breathtakingly beautiful for eternity. Equally fabulous are fancy cut diamonds that are exclusively distinctive and they include brilliant round ones, square, emerald, heart and marquise – all available in a wide range of carat weight with GIA certification. Suffice to say, there’s a fancy cut to suit every personality.

Other top picks on offer at the Diamond Festival are classic solitaire diamond, bridal jewelry sets and a selection of stunning diamond bracelets that could be the jewelry of choice for the groom to put on his bride’s wrist as part of a Malay wedding ceremony. Apart from these exquisite pieces, a wide range of diamond jewelry for men is also available such as diamond rings set in either silver, palladium or titanium, each conveying a powerful expression of style, creativity and luxury.

Having been in the jewelry business for over 60 years, The Diamond Festival is one of HABIB’s biggest campaigns and each year it is made more exciting and memorable with lively events and activities to mark the occasion. A variety of virtual activities await visitors to this year’s Diamond Festival, which promises to be interesting, engaging and insightful.

The Diamond Festival, which is taking place at all HABIB showrooms from now until April 4, does not only feature jewelry with palatable price tags but exclusive, one-of-a-kind collections as well as attractive, not-to-be-missed promotions. For more information, please visit our website at or follow our social media account @habibjewelsofficial.

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