Saturday, April 13

Desperate Mothers Want Their Missing Children Back Home

KUALA LUMPUR: The disappearance of three people have left their mothers at their wits end.

Housewife Ng Kim Hong, 38, said her 17-year-old daughter Siew Kai Leng went missing after going out with a friend named Ah Hong on Aug 31, 2017.

“Ah Hong promised to bring my daughter home at 10.30pm, but she never came back. He later claimed that my daughter was taken away by another man after having dinner in Kepong,” she said at a press conference organised by MCA public services and complaints department chief Datuk Seri Michael Chong.

“We have put my daughter’s photo and information on Facebook and asked people to look for her. But after more than a year, we still cannot find her,” the mother of five from Rawang said.

However, she claimed the police report shown by Ah Hong did not include the information about the other man.

Ng said when she confronted Ah Hong again, he got angry and scolded her.

The 17-year-old missing girl was among three missing people highlighted in the press conference on Thursday (Dec 13).

Others included 22-year-old Nicholas Choo Chee Hong, who has not been in contact with family members since Sept 2018 and 34-year-old Leong Wan Fong, who was last seen by her family members in Jan 2017.

Choo’s mother Lai Chooi Yeow, said her son went to Singapore to work as a renovation worker in July this year and travelled to China on Sept 17.

She said her son has not been in contact since Sept 24, the day he was supposed to return to Malaysia.

Meanwhile, Leong’s mother Wong Ah Kiew, 58, pleaded for her daughter to come home.

“She is married with two children. Her children, aged eight and 10, miss her very much and want to see her,” she said.

Chong urged the public to notify the police should they see the missing persons.

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